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My work is informed by my fascination with duality, and the ability of images to create new realities. I am drawn to ambiguous, quirky, or mysterious scenes. Hoping to connect with the viewer through humor, fantasy, or trompe l'oeil effects, I use collage techniques and layering in a single image, or create diptychs or triptychs. Fueled by an early enchantment with stereoscopy, I pair images, but disparate ones. Instead of creating a 3-D experience, I strive to produce an alternative one.


Emerging from careers as a published author, licensed investigator, marketing consultant, and advisor to nonprofits, I began sharing my work as the pandemic commenced.  Trained as an Arts Administrator [MPA] with undergraduate focus in Art History and French, my infatuation with photography began with my first darkroom course post-college. It continued through building a photographic collection and experimenting with alternative processes.

I have been fortunate to engage with many gifted artists, creative thinkers, authors, and humanitarians. Their work has provided me with pathways for inspiration, and I am grateful for their guidance.

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Please let me know if you would like additional information about my work or want to be kept up to date on my exhibition schedule.

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