About Me

My Inspirations

Where does one begin?  A sampling:

Collagists: Hannah Hoch, Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Cornell, Man Ray, Edla Cusick

Photographers: Walker Evans, William Eggleston, Andre Kertez, Dan Nelken, Henry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, Zeke Berman, Robert Kozma, Kenneth Josephson, and so on.


I create narrative photography using my documentary and street images.  My photographs are created as standalone images.  In order to create alternative realities, I  fabricate narratives by connecting images that might not naturally want to be conjoined.  Sometimes I use collage techniques and layering. At other times, I connect disparate images in diptychs or triptych, hoping  to connect with the viewer through humor, fantasy or tromp l'oeil effects. 

I have been fortunate to visit and engage with many gifted artists, creative thinkers, authors, and humanitarians. Their work has provided me with paths to follow, and I am grateful for their creative guidance.


Please let me know if you would like additional information about my work or want to be kept up to date on my exhibition schedule.

 Thanks for visiting!

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